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postheadericon Mystery Guitarman speel ‘n vuvuzela!

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postheadericon Welcome to…

postheadericon Vuvuzela-shmela

Even the "tokoloshe" plays the vuvuzela

According to Wikipedia, the vuvuzela has another name:  In Tswana it is called lepatata.

That name, however, is never used, so I don’t know why the Tswanas came up with it.  This crazy “instrument” is usually 65 cm (2 ft) in length and plays an irritating Bb.  It can actually make you deaf!  No kidding – it actually produces 127 decibels!  If you’re exposed to the sound too often, for too long, as with anything really (just think of coffee – too much, too often…), it might make you deaf.

It seems there isn’t anyone who has gone deaf because of the vuvuzela, or maybe they just haven’t come forth yet…  It might not be a negative thing if it makes you deaf though.  Not hearing this annoying sound might actually be a blessing in disguise!

So we know a big deal is being made about the noise of the vuvuzela.  Click the following to sample it:  Vuvuzela_single_note

One vuvuzela alone might sound bearable, but try … well, a stadium full of people blowing these things.  I say “stadium full of people” because I doubt everyone present are fans.  Many local football games in South Africa have been played and there were most likely always a vuvuzela present, with or without actual fans.  I suspect some people just go to the games to blow the vuvuzela and get on the nerves of anyone who has some sense.

At least we can say that the vuvuzela is a South African thing.  Hopefully there won’t be any reports of loss of hearing after the World Cup, and the vuvuzela’s existence can once again be semi-forgotten, (with the exception of an occasional idiot blowing his lungs out on one).

It takes great skill to play the vuvuzela, so start learning when you're young!

postheadericon Blaas die vuvuzela!


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is ‘n video wat onlangs op Youtube verskyn het:

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